Friday, August 29, 2014

Telemarketing: It Should Never Be a Waiting Game

In general, society may hold negative notions about telemarketing, but the practice wouldn't be still alive today if it weren’t effective. The question is: "How can it be effective?" Is there a right time to call those leads?
You Shouldn't Wait
Do it as soon as possible because your business competition may get to your leads ahead of you. Time, as with anything, can affect the results of your telemarketing strategies. If, for instance, your competitor has sealed the deal with a prospect already, the potential customer might have made up his or her mind and made a purchase. No matter how good your sales pitch is, it won’t matter if you call too late.
Your Customers Shouldn’t, Either
Researching, collecting leads, and prospecting are all important, but they have to be done quickly and efficiently. Once you know that an individual has expressed that they need your products, you have to reach out to them directly. Aside from acting fast, you have to engage them in conversation, assess their needs, or make them realize the issues that you can provide solutions to.
How Can You Avoid the Waiting Game?
Maximizing the telemarketing service of a reputable call center, you can contact your leads promptly and proficiently through professional representatives. You won’t need to waste time or money on training staff yourself because telemarketing specialists would already be at your disposal. In effect, the only wait you have to do is for your enhanced revenue.

Friday, August 22, 2014

How a Call Center for Leads Can Help Your Business

When it comes to lead generation, it’s important that business owners exhaust every possible option to find potential customers, from emails to phone calls. Rather than shoulder the work on their own, though, they might want to hire a renowned call center for leads to help them out. This is only practical because call centers have the skills, equipment, and manpower to consolidate other businesses’ lead generation efforts.
More importantly, a call center can employ more effective methods used in gathering leads, namely surveys and telemarketing.
To put it succinctly, telemarketing involves making numerous outgoing calls to random people and asking them if they’re interested in a particular product or service. Although this method has a wide reach, it is also intrusive in nature and many people can find it annoying. It is for this reason that the U.S. and Canada have "Do Not Call" registries so that people can choose to receive “sales calls” or not.
Surveys, on the other hand, are more acceptable because they’re generally sent out to a selected demographic (i.e. the business’s customer base) rather than shot in the dark. While they have a limited scope, surveys net important information, like the customers’ buying habits, which business owners can use to their advantage and improve their products or services.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Actually, Every Business Should Have a Call Center

Businesses thrive with the help of good customer service. Rather than train their own staff, it makes more sense for some companies to simply outsource their customer service to a reputable call center agency. Call centers are more likely to be better equipped and experienced in the job. That said, call centers do more than just receive calls and answer questions from other people.
They can also act as a help desk which provides customers, in real time no less, with extensive technical support on how to solve issues with a particular product. This service is particularly useful for businesses that manufacture electronic equipment, appliances, crafting tools, and the like because these products need detailed solutions to solve any problem they may encounter.
Call centers also facilitate sales and process forms over the phone. Although these transactions are done online these days, banks and credit companies still insist their customers to give them a call so that user information can be validated and any issues can be straightened out before the transaction is finalized.
Last but not the least, call centers can also complement a business’s marketing efforts through their telemarketing services. This is when a call center agency uses various means to find potential customers for their clients and, hopefully, turn them into long-term clients, like customer surveys or outgoing calls.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

State-of-the-Art Call Center Services: Money Well Spent, All the Time

These days, companies don’t necessarily have to set up infrastructure and train customer service staff from scratch to handle customer queries. A lot of businesses now choose to work with an established call center agency like TeleDirect Call Centers. It’s all about practicality; after all, utilizing experienced call center agents costs less time and money than hiring and training new ones. Reputable call centers hire customer service agents based not only on technical and problem-solving abilities but also aptitude for the job. Qualities like politeness, levelheadedness, empathy, and patience are valued. These competencies, along with working knowledge of communication and networking technologies, enable call center agents to represent the client well and create a good first impression among customers. In addition to receiving calls, call center representatives can also spearhead a company’s marketing campaign by carrying out telemarketing and lead generation activities.