Friday, June 27, 2014

Telemarketing Service: Helping Businesses Have a Feel of their Market

Surveys aren’t just a medium for customers to share their thoughts and opinions. They are also a way for businesses to gain better understanding of the market they cater to, especially in relation to demographics like age, gender, and income. Companies can also use surveys to identify their shortcomings like “unfair prices”; finance experts believe unfair pricing could lose customer loyalty.

A reliable telemarketing service can use surveys as a way to conduct telesales, or to mention advertisements and promotions over the phone. With the information gathered in customer surveys, telemarketers can have a clearer picture of their client’s target market.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why You Need a Call Center for Leads Management

These days, a lot of companies outsource their telesales and customer service functions to call centers where trained agents handle orders, queries, and other consumer responses to ads or calls to action. Calls in the queue may be from customers and leads or prospects who express their interest for the products or services offered by the client.

Unfortunately, some companies make the mistake of focusing solely on “hot leads” or those who call in to actually purchase a product or hire the company’s services. While it makes sense to prioritize the talk time allotment for hot leads in a bid to maximize sales and ROI, a large number of sales opportunities from “cold leads” may be wasted.

Cold leads, after all, can also be prospects or those that fit the company’s target market. However, these people may not be ready to buy or be converted into customers at the time of the call. This does not necessarily mean they cannot count toward conversions at a later time, e.g. when they reach a certain age, when they achieve financial stability, etc.

Call centers can be counted upon to nurture these leads. For instance, agents can keep in touch and follow up with the prospects until they are ready to be qualified as “dead leads.” Qualify leads, nurture them, and take better care of your paying and prospective customers by outsourcing these tasks to a reputable call center.

Rely on Lead Generation Services to Help Increase Your Bottom Line

In other words, Ash believes that businesses need to build positive relationships with their customers first before they can even implement a successful lead generation system. Many companies tend to forget this and simply gather as many leads as possible, not understanding that leads from less-invested customers are worthless, no matter how many they are.

One way to build a positive relationship is for companies to respond quickly to customer inquiries, which could already be considered as leads themselves. Aside from providing reliable lead generation services, TeleDirect and other call centers also provide reliable answering services to respond to inquiries in a speedy and efficient manner, ultimately helping companies increase their bottom line.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Call Center Service: Proper Phone Etiquette in Customer Communication

Phone etiquette is especially important if your business needs to do several outgoing calls, particularly telemarketing. Telemarketing is an outgoing-call service offered by major call centers, which allows you to generate sales, to test the waters for potential customers, or to reach out to your current customers and ask for their insights and opinions.

When it comes to telemarketing, your own customer service team may not realize the importance of adopting a proper speaking tone and volume. Opening a conversation with a jovial, loud voice isn’t always well-received by most people so it is important for your representatives to start their calls as professionally as possible.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Call Center Services: a Boon to Your Business

Much like any human interaction, a successful phone conversation rests on making a good first impression. Consequently, your customers would rather talk to a professional who is polite, patient, and knows his stuff rather than to a novice who stumbles over every word. This, in a nutshell, illustrates the reason why your business needs to work with a reliable call center.

Answering phone calls has a much larger impact than you might think as it slows down productivity and disrupts employees’ tasks. You can dedicate some people to field incoming calls, but this will cost you a lot of time and resources, particularly in terms of equipment. Why hire and train a separate staff if you can outsource this function to a reputable call center that can provide the skilled manpower and sizable assets you need?

Customer service representatives, after all, do more than answer calls and respond to customers’ queries. They can also make outgoing calls that allow your marketing department to conduct surveys that gauge customer satisfaction. More importantly, working with a call center company gives the impression that you own a sizable and successful business. Who else can afford to have reliable and professional agents on their payroll than a company of some repute?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nurture and Qualify Leads through Telemarketing

Any leads that you’ve acquired through online tools, direct mail, and trade events need to be processed before you turn them over to your field sales people. This where outsourced telemarketing services can prove useful. A telemarketing company can assign a dedicated team to your account that will function like an extension of your company by nurturing and qualifying leads.

A follow-up call from a seasoned telemarketer introduces the human factor early in the sales process, keeping leads hot until your sales people are ready to contact them. With the telemarketer’s help, you can identify your prospective clients’ readiness to buy, any issues that’s hindering them, and answer their questions. The info gathered by the telemarketer should equip your sales team with the confidence and knowledge that they are talking to prospects with a willingness to close.

Additional follow-up calls conducted by the telemarketing company you hire allows you to renew contact with prospects, remind them about new products and services, and even open up pricing opportunities, all of which provide the personalized attention other methods of communication cannot. Put simply, the telemarketing company does the jobs your salespeople don’t always have the time to do, which can be more productive for you in the long run.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why an Outsourced Telemarketing Call Center is More Cost-Effective

An outsourced telemarketing team offers entrepreneurs many benefits. For starters, they no longer have to worry about staffing, which is an important consideration given that telemarketing has the highest employee turnover rate of any industry. When you delegate your outbound calls to a company like TeleDirect, you no longer have to spend money on advertising job openings and training personnel—they’ll take care of all staffing concerns so there will always be people on the job.

An outbound call centers provides tremendous savings to any business. This is because entrepreneurs no longer have to invest money on procuring, maintaining and updating telephone equipment.

With the time and money savings that outsourced telemarketing offers to companies, entrepreneurs can focus their efforts and resources on core business activities instead.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Use Lead Generation Services to Achieve Your Lead Conversion Goals

Lead generation is definitely not a new marketing method. In fact, it’s been around for years. Virtually all industries have used it, and it has been employed successfully in direct marketing channels such as direct advertising, direct mail, and even on product launches. With more and more companies investing in lead generation, outspending your competition isn’t the ideal solution. The key is to learn to be resourceful with your investments so you can maximize your returns.

Working with trusted lead generation services can positively affect your lead-generation efforts, and ultimately your sales revenue. With their help, you can be completely confident that your company will be represented in a professional manner so you can achieve your lead generation goals.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Insurance Industry Survey Proves the Value of a Reliable Call Center

Communication is a vital part of any business transaction, particularly in the insurance industry. A LifeHealthPro article published April 24, 2014 reports that most insurance claims professionals believe good communication is the main thing they need to attract and maintain a solid roster of clients.

While a lot of insurance professionals possess exceptional communication skills, some firms lack the necessary manpower and IT infrastructure to address every customer query or concern on a timely and satisfactory basis. To manage operating costs and improve the quality of customer service, a lot of these firms opt to work with an established call center service provider like TeleDirect.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why Small Businesses Need a Call Center for Leads

In the dog-eat-dog world of business, small competitors need all the help they can get to gain a foothold in their target market. Big corporations and business chains with widely recognized brands have the upper hand. Meanwhile, small businesses and startups must be creative when it comes to generating leads and reaching out to customers.

Those are the precise reasons why small businesses need a call center for leads. Instead of laying the task on in-house staff members, small business units can trust trained representatives to handle call requests. After customers’ contact details are collected through the business website, the leads should be nurtured by promptly addressing requests.

It should be noted that customers who submit requests online expect quick responses. Whether they want to set up an appointment, inquire about products or services, or ask for a call back to start processing their orders, these customers want to hear from the business at least within the promised time frame. Otherwise, leads will turn “cold” as potential customers look elsewhere and do business with competitors instead.

Fortunately, call centers these days use technology that allows them to track ecommerce leads similar to how live phone calls are received in conventional queues. This feature ensures maximum ROI and is able to keep up with customers’ short attention span. Through efficient processes and best practices in relation to engaging leads, call center representatives are able to increase conversion rates and achieve business growth goals.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Local Call Center Can Provide Better and Relevant Customer Service

A lot of companies know and understand the definite advantage of outsourcing customer service to a reliable call center. Call centers allow businesses to allot time, finances, and human resources on more pressing matters while customer service representatives handle basic FAQs that come with their products and/or services.

There are many call centers worldwide who can offer quality customer service to companies that need to use the dollars and manpower on more important matters. However, there are some aspects that can affect a call center’s effectiveness.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Outsourcing Call Center Services for Small Business Success

Small businesses are often faced with limited startup capital, and thus are forced into certain dilemmas over allocations. For many, outsourcing makes practical and affordable sense. Outsourcing can help a business save on additional investments of manpower, training, or even additional space. These savings can be used to offer additional service to their clients.

An efficient call center service from companies like TeleDirect Call Centers can give your small or medium business that necessary push to keep staying ahead of the game. This push often comes in the form of savings—both in time and money—that you can invest in more profitable areas for your business.

Call Center Services: A Boon for Small Businesses

Customer service can make or break any company. It is said that 89 percent of consumers are likely to leave a company for one of its competitors as a result of poor customer service. In addition, nearly half of all consumers in the U.S. are likely to cancel an online transaction if their queries/concerns are not resolved in a timely manner.
So where does a call center service fit in all this? First, a call center is simply more experienced and better equipped to handle calls at a bigger volume. Customer touch points are not limited to calls and in fact include live chats, text messaging, and even social media.
Second, call centers employ more people dedicated to providing high-quality customer service. Without a call center to back them up, small businesses are likely to be overwhelmed by the number of calls and queries they receive regularly.

Third, call centers can be enlisted to generate leads, carry out surveys, send out SMS notifications, and more. With each call or transaction, call center representatives can reach out to customers and take note of their opinions, concerns, and insights. The feedback and information gathered should prove useful to any process improvement the client wishes to implement.