Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why You Need a Call Center for Leads Management

These days, a lot of companies outsource their telesales and customer service functions to call centers where trained agents handle orders, queries, and other consumer responses to ads or calls to action. Calls in the queue may be from customers and leads or prospects who express their interest for the products or services offered by the client.

Unfortunately, some companies make the mistake of focusing solely on “hot leads” or those who call in to actually purchase a product or hire the company’s services. While it makes sense to prioritize the talk time allotment for hot leads in a bid to maximize sales and ROI, a large number of sales opportunities from “cold leads” may be wasted.

Cold leads, after all, can also be prospects or those that fit the company’s target market. However, these people may not be ready to buy or be converted into customers at the time of the call. This does not necessarily mean they cannot count toward conversions at a later time, e.g. when they reach a certain age, when they achieve financial stability, etc.

Call centers can be counted upon to nurture these leads. For instance, agents can keep in touch and follow up with the prospects until they are ready to be qualified as “dead leads.” Qualify leads, nurture them, and take better care of your paying and prospective customers by outsourcing these tasks to a reputable call center.

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