Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nurture and Qualify Leads through Telemarketing

Any leads that you’ve acquired through online tools, direct mail, and trade events need to be processed before you turn them over to your field sales people. This where outsourced telemarketing services can prove useful. A telemarketing company can assign a dedicated team to your account that will function like an extension of your company by nurturing and qualifying leads.

A follow-up call from a seasoned telemarketer introduces the human factor early in the sales process, keeping leads hot until your sales people are ready to contact them. With the telemarketer’s help, you can identify your prospective clients’ readiness to buy, any issues that’s hindering them, and answer their questions. The info gathered by the telemarketer should equip your sales team with the confidence and knowledge that they are talking to prospects with a willingness to close.

Additional follow-up calls conducted by the telemarketing company you hire allows you to renew contact with prospects, remind them about new products and services, and even open up pricing opportunities, all of which provide the personalized attention other methods of communication cannot. Put simply, the telemarketing company does the jobs your salespeople don’t always have the time to do, which can be more productive for you in the long run.

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