Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Telemarketing Tip: Profile Your Prospects

For a telemarketing strategy to be truly effective, you must have a well-planned prospecting program. Through this, you can identify potential customers and build a list of contacts who will be receiving your telemarketing calls. The program initially collects basic information and subsequently gathers more specific data on the prospects.

In line with that, here are some important aspects to know about prospects:

·         Relevant character traits – Do they have the financial capacity to buy your products? Will they need your services?
·         Buying patterns and frequency – When do they usually shop for products like yours or hire your line of business? Do they go to stores or offices directly or prefer phone or online transactions?
·         Preferred channels – Will they appreciate your outbound calls, or do they prefer other means of marketing like email, social media, and other online platforms?

The process allows you to efficiently maximize your resources, since you won’t be calling individuals who may not be part of your target market. Companies who rely on general customer lists could end up with outdated or useless information. Others in the list may also have traits that make them unsuitable for your products and services. By screening or refining your prospect list, you can weed out unusable contacts and invest time, money, and effort on profitable prospects.

Since your end-goal is to find the right people to sell to, you should also seek the right people – skilled, professional outbound call center agents – to perform the telemarketing service for you.

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